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Review of 1992

This was the first year that Ian Aston, of the Olympus Camera Club, joined me. Only for a couple of days in 1992, but in nowadays he's with us for the whole week. This was also the first time we visited the Arundel Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve, and it was so successful that we have been there every year since. One of the many advantages of having Ian as co-tutor is that he brings with him, courtesy of Olympus, a variety of cameras and lenses including my favourite, the 350 f2.8.

Marbled White

So who says you can't photograph wild butterflies with a tripod? When they're resting you can, if you are careful and don't make sudden movements. With a tripod I could use a small aperture for maximum depth of field keeping the wings sharp from tip to tip even though the wings are not in the same plane as the camera.

Bahama Pintail

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