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Review of 1996

Bar Headed Goose

This photograph of a bar headed goose swimming is one of the most pleasing pictures I have taken at the Arundel WWT. Why do I like this picture? It's a combination of the colour and pattern in the water, the bird's reflection, and the drop of water spilling off the bird's beak.

Olympus OM4Ti, Zuiko 300mm lens, Kodachrome 200

White-fronted whistling duck

Zebra butterflies

When the weather is too bad to go out in the field, I sometimes take the group down the road to the local butterfly farm. These Zebra butterflies should have been easy to photograph because they were motionless and indoors, out of any breeze. Unfortunately they were right next to the hot air blower that maintains the correct temperature and humidity for these tropical insects. This blower would switch itself on and off every few minutes so the photography had to be timed to co-incide with the blower off.

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