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Review of 1995

Comma butterfly

Although this butterfly might appear to have been photographed in flight, it is in fact resting on a flower which is entirely hidden by the butterfly's wings. The technique used here was the 'bipod' method: the camera was mounted on a tripod which was tilted so that only two legs were in contact with the ground. This allowed me to rock the camera backwards and forwards to bring the butterfly into sharp focus while minimising camera shake.

View from Old Winchester Hill

1995 was a very dry summer, as you can see from this picture. I've taken this view on every visit, and some of these images are shown under their appropriate year.

Whistling Duck

Chiloe Wigeon

I've included this picture of a Chiloe Wigeon because it makes an interesting comparison with the preceding picture. The mistake here was to have the camera too high so we are looking too much down on the bird. Apart from being an unflattering angle, this has two consequences:

  • There is no catch light in the eye
  • The reflection is poorly defined
Those people who've heard me banging on about wildfowl photography know how important I regard these two compositional elements.
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