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Review of 1993

Chalkhill Blues

Chalkhill blue butterflies

These paired chalkhill blues were otherwise occupied and I was able to set the tripod up and take series of picture.

Seeds of Cleavers

Seeds of cleavers (Galium aparine)

Sometimes we are confined to the studio by bad weather. In these circumstances we set up some still lifes from anything we find lying around. These seeds of cleavers ("Goose grass") are only a millimetre or so in size and you can't really appreciate them with the naked eye. So I set up the macro lens on bellows to give a very high magnification of about 6x. The light is from behind to pick out the hooked spines on the seeds. The light was directed in a very narrow beam by using a fibre optic tube connected to an ordinary flash unit.


Water fern (Azolla filiculoides)

1993 was the last year that I found this at Earnley; I haven't seen it there since. It's a species of fern that grows on the surface of ponds. Here it is photographed by looking directly down on it from above.

Pagham Harbour

Pagham Harbour



See 1997 for more ragwort and a poem.

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